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3RD EDITION ENERGY CAREER SEMINARS – Theme: Energy Innovations & Emerging Technologies.

On the 27th of October 2023, a wave of anticipation swept through the hallways of the China Europe International Business School (CEIBS). It was the day of the 3rd Energy Career Seminar, an event that had become a beacon for those passionate about the energy industry. The theme for this year’s seminar was, “Energy innovations and emerging technologies – find your place”. 

The stage was set with Hon. Richard Gyan, the member of parliament for Gomoah West, delivering a heartfelt opening prayer, setting a tone of unity and purpose. Prof. Matthew, the Executive Director of CEIBS Africa, welcomed the diverse gathering, while Michael Ohene Effah, co-founder of Lead Afrique International, ignited the room with his opening remarks, emphasizing the significance of the day ahead. 

Michael Effah spoke passionately about the importance of finding your place in the energy sector, especially for university students. He encouraged them to break free from the ordinary university regime and offered three invaluable pieces of advice: 

1.Mindset: He emphasized the power of attitude and encouraged young people to have the mindset of a fighter, hungry for success, and eager to achieve more. Success, he suggested, starts with a winning mindset. 

2. Mechanism: Michael stressed the need for technical expertise, a career plan, and the importance of adding extra value to oneself. He spoke of the value of developing soft skills like effective communication, professional dressing, and presentation skills. He advised the audience to strive to get “one percent better every day” and to cultivate a habit of reading. 

3. Mentorship: Michael Effah highlighted the significance of mentorship, both in one’s career and life journey. He quoted the saying, “If you stand on the shoulders of giants, you will see far.” He said seeking guidance and learning from those who’ve walked the path before can be transformative.  

Then, Lesley Arthur, the visionary behind this impactful event, stepped up to the podium after Michael’s opening remarks to deliver the Purpose of Gathering Address with a passion that lit up the room.  

She began by highlighting the need to learn from each other. She stressed the importance of recognizing that every leader was once a follower, and every expert was once a beginner. Quoting Helen Hayes, she reminded everyone that expertise is a journey that begins with the first step.  

Stressing that in this day and age, where information is excessively available, we need to take advantage of this treasure trove of knowledge. She urged everyone to tap into the wealth of information and insights that surround them. Lesley also touched upon the critical role of building relationships, recognizing the seminar as a great opportunity to forge connections and collaborations.  

She knew that it’s these connections that often lead to innovative ideas and breakthroughs in the energy sector. But she didn’t stop there. Lesley asked for support in the organization of this seminar, emphasizing the importance of continuing to help many more in the future. Her plea was a call to action, a reminder that the impact of the event could extend far beyond its duration.  

In a heartfelt moment, she requested a round of applause for the unwavering support of Lead Afrique International and CEIBS, who had been instrumental in making the seminar a reality from day one. The room erupted in applause, acknowledging their vital contributions. 

The heart of the seminar was the panel discussion, which boasted a trio of remarkable experts. But before the panel discussion began, a captivating video introduction played, introducing each panelist along with their impressive profiles. The visual presentation showcased their achievements and backgrounds, setting the stage for an engaging and insightful discussion. 

Sulley Amin Abubakar, the innovative mind behind Zaacoal, shared his entrepreneurial journey. He spoke of the hurdles entrepreneurs face and the critical need for government support to keep their innovative ideas within the country. He stressed that most funding opportunities came from abroad, an issue that needed immediate attention. 

Then, there was Daniel Akuamoah Boateng of Baker Hughes, an expert in Turbo machinery process and solutions. His insights into emerging technologies that could reshape the energy landscape were eye-opening. He painted a vivid picture of artificial intelligence revolutionizing energy management, reducing carbon emissions, and the fact that the oil and gas industry welcomed talents from diverse backgrounds. 

Peter Egyin-Mensah, the CEO of Ijanu Limited, took the stage. He spoke passionately about sustainable energy solutions and the role of electric vehicles in reducing carbon emissions and combating climate change. His vision of an electrified future, complete with longer battery ranges and growing charging infrastructure, was contagious. 

As Lesley Arthur skillfully moderated the discussion, participants were captivated by the diverse perspectives and forward-thinking ideas that the panelists presented. It was a true meeting of minds. 

The seminar was not limited to the panel, though invited guests, including Dr. Riverson Oppong, Millicent Bruce, Tolu Lacroix, Portia Adu-Mensah, Elorm Goh, and Celestina Yaaba Kissi, shared their wisdom and experiences, further enriching the collective knowledge in the room. 

Questions from the participants flowed freely, addressing the burning issues in the industry. The atmosphere was one of shared learning and inspiration. 

In his closing remarks, Dr. Riverson Oppong, shared three keys for success: 

1. Seek Knowledge: He emphasized the importance of continuous learning and acquiring knowledge, a reminder that the pursuit of knowledge is an ever-evolving journey. 

2. Leave No Stone Unturned: Dr. Oppong encouraged the audience to explore all possibilities and avenues in their careers, emphasizing the importance of a relentless quest for excellence. 

3. Respect Everyone: Finally, he spoke about the significance of respect in personal and professional relationships, reminding all that respect is the cornerstone of lasting connections and collaboration. 

The day wasn’t all serious discussions. A photography session captured the smiles and camaraderie, and a delicious lunch allowed participants to connect and exchange contact information for future collaborations. 

And finally, the seminar ended with a counseling session provided by Lead Afrique International in a breakout room. The perfect opportunity for one-on-one guidance and support. 

The event had the potential to be even more impactful. However, due to a miscommunication in town about the funeral rites of a queen mother of the Ga Transitional Council, which required people to stay indoors, attendance was affected. It was clear that had it not been for this unfortunate turn of events, the venue would have been overflowing with attendees. Nevertheless, the event still shone brightly, leaving a lasting impact on everyone who was able to attend. 

In conclusion, the 3rd Energy Career Seminar at CEIBS was more than an event; it was a journey of exploration, inspiration, and collaboration. It reminded everyone present that the energy industry is not just about power; it’s about the power of ideas, connections, and the relentless pursuit of a sustainable and innovative future. It was a day that not only provided insights but also left a lasting impact on everyone’s journey to find their place in the sector. 

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